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LANDSCAPES - Classic Piano Solo


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Code: CVLD 298

Author: Edoardo Brotto
Performer: Edoardo Brotto
Duration: 69:45
Support: cd

Composer, pianist and photographer (listed in strictly alphabetical order): three forms of artistic expression uniquely concentrated at the pinnacle of excellence in a single remarkable person. These three arts are inexorably interconnected in Edoardo Brotto: the musical compositions are directly linked to the images of nature that he first perceives and then captures with his photographic lens. They are a source of inspiration and his music describes their shapes and colors. And finally, the pianist translates these images into sound. Edoardo creates his compositions by improvising directly at the keyboard in real time, sometimes applying his profound musical knowledge to work in the style of great historical composers (which in itself, is by no means a small accomplishment) but much more often with an original and unique creative vein. The compositions that arise from these improvisations are works of both unparalleled technical virtuosity and intense musical depth; equivalent in style, beauty and complexity to the music of the historical composers who have inspired these creations. Speaking of his music, with sincerity I can say that it is simply wonderful. Each piece is characterized by transcendental musical and technical demands. The formidable complexity is not an end in itself, nor shallow virtuosity for the sake of showmanship, but rather a necessary vehicle to convey the pure musical structure of the content and the real images, "photographed and developed" by Edoardo?s creativity. Finally, it is tonal music, which is accessible to everyone, but it is not common: it is music with deep roots in the great classics; it metabolizes them and combines their essence into a new light of continuity, shining into the future. Neither mannerist, nor disrespectful, nor pompous or trivial.

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