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1.Processing of orders
The order placed by the client must be confirmed by “Velut Luna di Marco Lincetto” (here in Velut Luna).
Confirmation will be sent to the e-mail supplied by the client.
The orders received will only be considered valid if the client receives via e-mail the confirmation that the order form has been completely filled in, the payment has been authorised and the products are available.
It is strongly advisable to print and keep a copy of this e-mail as it contains the terms and conditions of the contract.
If you don’t receive the confirmation, please contact us at
Products and services will be supplied according to the terms of this contract with the exclusion of any terms and conditions set by the client. Any changes of the present general conditions must be accepted in writing by Velut Luna.

2. Returning Goods
The right to return goods allows the consumer to return the goods acquired for the amount paid.
The decision of returning the goods must be communicated within 10 working days from acceptance by sending a certified letter with a return receipt to “Velut Luna di Marco Lincetto, Via G.Boccaccio, 31, 35020 Casalserugo, Italy, or by telegran or e-mail, with the only condition that in these cases it must be confirmed by certified post with a return receipt within the following 48 hours.
The consumer must return the goods sending them to Velut Luna di Marco Lincetto, Via G.Boccaccio, 31, 35020 Casalserugo, Italy, within 10 days from the written communication of his decision.
The consumer must return the goods in the same state as they were received, inside the original packaging, completely sealed, and with any supplied manuals in their original conditions.
The consumer must use protective packing to send back the goods in order to avoid any damages.
The consumer must undertake the cost and the risks during the return of the goods. Goods can be returned only if THEY ARE UNUSED, COMPLETELY INTACT AND SEALED. If not it will not be possible to accept them.
For the above terms the post stamp will be used as a proof of the accomplishment of the rules.
For any further information or queries contact the following e-mail address:

3. Payment
The cost of the expedition depends on the number of CDs purchased and the destination country like stated below:

until 2 CD = 6.00 euro
from 3 to 5 CD = 9.50 euro
more than 5 CD or LP = 16.00 euro
until 2 CD = 7.50 euro
from 3 to 5 CD = 15.00
more than 5 CD or LP = 25.00 euro
The prices will be variable according to different conditions offered by the international couriers
The only payment accepted for a purchase made abroad is by Credit Card by Paypal
The payment by Paypal is easy and safe.
The procedure is automatic and free, when you choose the payment method by Credit Card. As soon as you make the payment, Paypal will notify us.
For any further information please do not hesitate in contacting The goods will be delivered to the placed you indicated in the order form.
We commit ourselves to deliver the goods to the transport company as soon as possible.
The transport will be paid by the client according to the form of payment chosen.
Everything will be done in order to deliver the products with the maximum celerity but we will not assume any responsibility for any long delay or problem due to the transport itself.
In case any good was not available (even if it was temporally), we will quickly inform you and return the total amount paid.
The goods will be considered as belonging to the client as soon as the payment is received by Velut Luna.

4. Warranty
We guarantee that the products we sell passed the quality controls of the producers.
In the case that the good presented had any imperfection, please inform us as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to
The client will pay the return expedition, while the new one will be charged to Velut Luna.

5. Applicabe law
All contracts sealed with our company are considered drawn up in Italy and are therefore submitted to Italian law.

6. Use of the products
Velut Luna decline any responsibility for any damage caused to people or things by the improper use of their products.

7. Acceptance
The purchase of any product on Velut implies the complete acceptance of the general conditions stated above.

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