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Category: JAZZ
Code: CVLD110
Support: CD
Title: Felix Vlhd High Quality
Author: Massimo Salvagnini
Executor: Massimo Salvagnini Quartet
JAZZ: Original Compositions by Massimo Salvagnini. Massimo Salvagnini Tenor Saxophone, Stefano Bassato Guitar, Franco Lion Doublebass, Roberto Facchinetti Drums. 24bit / 96kHz "Live in studio" original recording at Magister Studio, Preganziol, Treviso, Italy on October, 2004. 

From CD notes by Massimo Salvagnini
I don't know how to explain in few words the origin of this CD. Luckily, nobody asked me to do it. We all are used to run right to the point. Who makes music, and who listens to it, they all do the same thing: they take pleasure directly out of music. If I'd try to tell you the trail that lead me to this CD, it could be just like you'd try to tell me about the other side of that trail, the one that leaded you too to this CD. There is no time far all the tales, it seems. To satisfy our natural need of tales, most of people prefers to buy best sellers, instead to listen to the people they meet everyday. So it goes in our world. The melody named "Gino", written to show to my friend Gino how music can be easy when you have a piano under your fingers, gave me the idea to name all the other melodies in the same way, I mean using the names of my friends.

This CD was made using the VLHD standard recording. The final result is a superb work of art capable of taking the micro and macro dynamics, the range of the timbre and the intensity of the sound to levels unreached before.

Price: € 13.50
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