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Category: JAZZ
Code: CVLD294
Support: CD
Title: Jazz Nature
Author: Aavv
Executor: Lucia Minetti
Time: 43:31

Lucia Minetti, voice Pietro Ballestrero, guitar Stefano Profeta, double bass Production: VELUT LUNA Executive producer: Marco Lincetto Recording, mix and mastering engineer: Marco Lincetto Cover photo: Massimo Forchino Inside photos: Marco Lincetto Design and layout: L'Image The recording was made direct to stereo master, strictly live-in-studio, during only one session at MagisterArea Studios, Main Hall, Preganziol, Italy, on September 23rd, 2017 THIS IS A PURE AUDIOPHILE RECORDING: during the recording of the digital HD PCM 88.2kHz/24bit master and the contemporary analog master and the subsequent transfer to disc, the entire audio chain was trasformerless. The signal was not passed through any processing device (no compression, no equalization and no corrective editing) at any step during production. Musical Notes by Lucia Minetti Over the years, I have sung and loved many repertoires, exploring different worlds, from Fado to Brazilian music, from French "chanson" to Jazz. From the time of my album "Elle" published in 2003 and produced with my music mentor Giorgio Gaslini, this is the first work entirely devoted to the standards of the great American songbook. This is for me a sort of return to the heart of what has always been the main reference point of my artistical path. Jazz can represent for a musician a particular way to relate to art, a desire for freedom, a wish to experience new emotions, to dare while singing and playing. I share this particular feeling with Stefano and Pietro and this is the reason why we decided to call this project "jazz Nature". A natural way to make jazz that becomes immediately the key to play and sing a vast repertoire of songs from the 1930s to the 1970s. Marco Lincetto immediately grasped the mood of this research and proposed us a live studio recording mode that enhances the features of our "natural" approach as well as the extraordinary technical qualities of audio recording. We have accepted with great enthusiasm this challenge, and lived together an incredible experience, two days during which the music was played, sung, listened and recorded with the same tension and emotional intensity one can feel only during best concerts. Lucia Minetti

Track List:

#1 - The Nearness Of You (M.Washington - H.Carmichael) 3:24 #2 - Alone Together (A.Schwartz - H.Dietz) 4:20 #3 - Wild Is The Wind (D.Tiomkin - N.Washington ) 3:55 #4 - So In Love (Cole Porter) 4:02 #5 - The Two Lonely People (B.Evans - C.Hall)) 4:25 #6 - Skylark (J.Mercer - H.Carmichael) 4:20 #7 - The Old Country (C.Lewis - N.Adderley) 2:52 #8 - Turn Out The Stars (B.Evans - G.Lees) 4:54 #9 - I Wish I Knew (M.Gordon - H.Warren) 3:23 10 - No moon at all ( D. Mann/L.?Red? Evans) 4:39 11 - Try Your Wings (M.Barr - D.McGregor) 3:13 Total Time: 43:31 Lucia Minetti, voice Pietro Ballestrero, guitar Stefano Profeta, double bass

Price: € 13.50
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