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Category: JAZZ
Code: CVLD214
Support: CD
Title: Adamo... Let's Swing!
Author: A. A. V. V.
Executor: The Metronomes
Jazz. Original compositons by: Piccoli, Marks-Irving-Lerner, Cole-Mills, Bresler-Winn, Johnson, Prima, Ellington-George-Hodges-James, Warfield-Williams, Rose-Lewis-Stock, I. Gershwin-G. Gershwin.
The Metronomes: F. Michielin, C. Piccoli, S. Fedato.
Special Guests: M. Strano, Bonivento, M. Scomparin, L. Bottos, M. Gava.
M24bit/88.2kHz digital recording made at MagisterAreaStudios, Preganziol on May and June 2011 

Six years have passed since I reviewed their last album, “Ciao Fred" - 2005 - Velut Luna, and since that time I have wondered what direction their music would take after their magnificent tribute to Fred Buscaglione
All the while, the three metronomes have continued to entertain anyone who has had the opportunity to see them perform live; making their fans sing, dance, laugh and cry with their endless repertoire of swing, blues, boogie and both American and Italian jumpin' jive.
Even today, if I have the chance to attend one of their concerts I find myself unable to stop tapping my foot to the beat of the drum’s pace by Stefano Fedato that, "jokingly" (how Jannacci would say), drags the trio to impossible speeds. I am always stunned by the asymmetrical and unique way Carlo Piccoli plays the piano, with his whole body swaying to the beat and with a left hand that plays like a bass. I still laugh uncontrollably when I see a ham actor like Francesco Michielin; The way he squirms like a maniac, constantly alternating between scratchy singing and the kazoo sounds that he mimics so well. He can mimic any instrument with his voice, from the trumpet to the guitar. Above all, though, I cannot help but be amazed by how only three musicians can create such complete and well-rounded sounds with their music! 
After paying homage to the music of Fred Buscaglion, they have returned to the music scene with this new work, "Adamo... let's swing! " which is the fifth album of the Veneto trio.It’s a diverse and fresh album with tracks that immediately show the fun and ironic nature of their music; something that is happening maybe for the first time.
In order to understand the spirit behind the trio’s music, all you have to do is listen to their title songs "Adam" (an ironic, bold, and humorous comic strip is depicted on the album cover), "Iperteso" (Italian for hypertensive; who among us has not stumbled on the highway in a “hypertensive mood, wearing dark glasses and a hanging dress” while flashing the high-beams and honking the car’s horn in order to surpass the traffic?), or "Hard Times" (a ragtime piece reminiscent of music from the twenties enriched by vocal trumpets evoking the Mills Brothers sound).
A careful selection of past American classics from Gershwin to Louis Prima and from Duke Ellington to Nat King Cole completes the album. All in all the album has frequent variations in tempo and rhythm, tapping ragtime, the stomp, blues, swing and the jumpin 'jive, and it contains different quotes as homage to Louis Armstrong, Tom Waits, Louis Prima, Al Jolson and, of course, Buscaglione, who remains one of their main inspirations.
 A cool and fun album that demonstrates, first and foremost, the joy & fun the musicians felt in creating it. In fact, it is enough to say that the Metronomes have lived to realize that when they play, they really know how to have fun! 
And now ... Let’s swing!


Price: € 13.50
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