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Code: CVLD 310
Support: CD
Title: Piazzolla - Solo Piano
Author: Astor Piazzolla
Executor: Loredana Piluso
Time: 69:33

LOREDANA PILUSO is a Sicilian pianist who has lived and worked in Veneto for many years.

She began studying piano at a very young age, graduating at the age of 20 with the highest grade.
She completed advanced training with international masters, undertaking a brilliant concert activity that led her to perform in Italy and abroad.
She currently performs both as a soloist and in chamber music ensembles, and works together with actors and choreographers, curating the music of original international productions.
This recording project is the result of her collaboration with the piano manufacturer Luigi Borgato who, on this occasion, gave her the chance to play his latest creation, BORGATO GRAND PRIX 333.

GRAND PRIX 333, 10,93ft long, is the greatest and the longest concert grandpiano in the world: about 1,64ft longer than the traditional others concert grand pianos.
It is completely handmade, using precious woods such as rosewood for the inside covering, mable for the bridges, beech as headrest for the mechanic, hornbean for the levers and the ebony for the black keys and, last but not least, the "magic" spruce - personally selected by Luigi Borgato from the famous Spruce Wood in Passau, Germany - which is especially in charge for the extraordinary speed of the sound, 9.842 ft/second instead of the usually 4.921 ft/second of all the others spruce wood.
This grand piano is made using more than 15.000 pieces and weigh about 1.500 lb. His building takes more than 135 working days.
The GRAND PRIX 333 is actually considered the new reference all over the world, opening new horizon to the expressive chance of the sound of the piano.
Velut Luna is the first company ever to publish a recording fo Borgato Grand Prix 333    


Track List:


UPC: 8019349001199

01. Adios Nonino, Tango Rhapsody  10’47’’ 
arr. by A.Piazzolla
02. Ausencias  3’27’’ 
arr. by Hywel Davies / Loredana Piluso
Histoire du tango 
arr. by Kyoko Yamamoto
03. Bordel 1900 4’36’’
04. Cafè 1930  6’53’’
05. Night Club 1960 6’00’’
06. Concert d'Aujourd'hui 3’27’’
07. Mumuki  6’09’’ 
arr. by Hywel Davies / Loredana Piluso
08. Libertango  4’17’’ 
arr. by  Kyoko Yamamoto
09. Oblivion  3’51’’ 
arr. by Juan Carlos Zunini / Saùl Cosentino
Estaciones portenas 
arr. by Mehmet Okonsar / Loredana Piluso
10. Primavera portena 6’07’’
11. Verano porteno 4’34’’
12. Otono porteno 4’46’’
13. Invierno porteno 4’32’’

total time: 69'33"

88.2kHz / 24bit original recording made at Chiesa di S.Apollinare, Monticello di Lonigo, Italy, on September, 3 - 5, 2018
using Ribera R12 Tube Microphone
Loredana Piluso plays the BORGATO GRAND PRIX 333 Concert Grandpiano, designed, prepared and tuned by Luigi Borgato himself.

Production: Velut Luna
Executive Producer: Marco Lincetto
Musical Producer: Mattia Zanatta
Recording, Mix & Mastering Engineer: Marco Lincetto
Editing Engineer: Mattia Zanatta
Photo: Marco Zorzanello
Layout and Design: L'Image





Price: € 13.50
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