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Code: CVLD 301
Support: CD
Title: Original Compositions For Piano
Author: Giulio Andreetta
Executor: Giulio Andreetta
Time: 59:00

I believe that these my Original Compositions For Piano could be just a diary of a paradoxical attempt to overcome the perception of the crisis thanks to Music.

It's impossible for me to think of these compositions of mine as a definitive work, because I believe that the art of the composer should be an action to share feelings and to search all time to fix a too much complex reality to be correctly celebrated.
Therefore I hope that the mistery of the Creation of the Music could talk better than any words, and that Music could take her life beyond any words that you could say.
For me Music is the evidence of everything you cannot explain, but just display, and also the proof of a reality that is dazed and unstable while you are composing it.
It's important for me to say that I turn down any kind of identification between "The Composer" and "The Composition", and I hope that my Music could acquire new life in future, thanks to new interpretations of any other musician which would play it and would "be unfaithful to" it.
"Verily, with other eyes, my brethren, shall I then seek my lost ones; with another love shall I then love you.

Track List:

UPC:  8 019349 999885
ISRC:  ITW311830101 --14

1-3   Tre pezzi brevi  7:01
          1 Lento  3:07  /  2 Andante  2:23  / 3 Prestissimo  1:31
4        Praeludium  3:48
5        Sonata No.1  11:02
6-12  Pagine Bianche  25:11
           6  I,  5:02  / 7  II,  5:18 / 8  III,  5:15 / 9  IV,  2:03 / 10  V,  2:46 / 11  VI,  1:02 / 12  VII,  3:45
13      Toccata  4:09
14      Sonata No.2  7:35

Total Time: 59:00

All compositions by Giulio Andreetta
24bit/88.2kHz recording made at Studio Zanta, Camponogara, Italy on April 27, 28, 2018, using tube microphones Ribera R12
Giulio Andreetta plays on Steinway & Sons D274 Concert Grand Piano tuned by Silvano Zanta.

Production: VELUT LUNA  /  Executive Producer: Marco Lincetto  
Recording, Editing, Mix and Mastering: Marco Lincetto  /  Photo: Marco Lincetto  
English text: Marco Lincetto  /  Design and Layout: L'Image


Price: € 13.50
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