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Title: King For A Night
Author: Guido Marzorati
Executor: Guido Marzorati & The Blugos
Price: € 50.00

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[CD] MCLO 022
Title: Giant Moon
Author: A A V V
Executor: Salvagnini Quartet
Price: € 35.00

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[CD] MCLO 021
Title: Imagenes De Tango
Author: Astor Piazzolla
Executor: Modern Saxophone Quartet
Price: € 50.00

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[CD] MCLO 020
Title: Mystere Piano
Author: R. Zegna, P. Birro, A. Zambrini, M. Tonolo. O. Del Barba, M. Parente, D. Elligton
Executor: R. Zegna, P. Birro, A. Zambrini, M. Tonolo. O. Del Barba, M. Parente
Price: € 50.00

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[CD] MCLO 019
Title: Restless Spirits
Author: Roberto Magris
Executor: Big Band Ritmo Sinfonica Citta' Di Verona
Price: € 50.00

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[CD] MCLO 018
Title: Bassoon Concertos
Author: Mozart, Vanhal, Kozeluh
Executor: Stefano Canuti, Symphonica Toscanini Solo Players, Chiara Santi
Price: € 50.00

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[CD] MCLO 017
Title: Tutte Le Direzioni
Author: Mideando, Queen, J. Farrar, T. Horn/ G. Downes/ B. Wolley
Executor: Mideando String Quartet
Price: € 50.00

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[CD] MCLO 016
Title: Flowers
Author: F. Martone, F. Capriello- G. Conforti, J. Mitchell, Lennon Mc Cartney, J. Taylor, O. Redding
Executor: Fabiana Martone
Price: € 50.00

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[CD] MCLO 015
Title: Falling In Love
Author: Legrand, Gershwin, Chaplin, Sondheim, Rodgers & Hart
Executor: Cheryl Porter, Orchestra Di Padova E Del Veneto, M. Parente, P. Balladore
Price: € 50.00

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[CD] MCL014
Title: Elle
Author: Autori Vari
Executor: Lucia Minetti - Giorgio Gaslini
Price: € 50.00

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[CD] MCL013
Title: Voci Di Luna
Author: E. Morricone, N. Rota, A. Trovajoli, S. Cipriani, F. Micalizzi, N. Oliviero - R. Ortolani
Executor: F. Salvemini, S. Libardo
Price: € 50.00

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[CD] MCL012
Title: X
Author: M. Salvagnini, A. C. Jobim, I. Berlin, S. Rollins, L. Konitz.
Executor: Massimo Salvagnini Quartet Patrizia Laquidara
Price: € 50.00

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Title: Legende
Author: Sarasate Paganini Wieniawski Bazzini
Executor: G. Angeleri, Orchestra Delle Venezie
Price: € 50.00

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[CD] MCL010
Title: Storyville Jazz Band Live
Author: D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn
Executor: Storyville Jazz Band
Price: € 50.00

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[CD] MCL009
Title: Making Whopee
Author: Autori Vari
Executor: Oscar Del Barba, Rosella Caporale
Price: € 50.00

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[CD] MCL008
Title: All' Opera Dopo L' Opera
Author: V. Bellini, G. Donizetti, G. Rossini
Executor: Ensemble U. Giordano
Price: € 50.00

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[CD] MCL007
Title: Remarkramer
Author: Gorni Kramer, Fausto Beccalossi, Salvatore Maiore, Peo Alfonsi.
Executor: Ammentos
Price: € 50.00

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[CD] MCL006
Title: Nuvole Di Carta
Author: Autori Vari
Executor: Paola Casula - Marco Strano Quartet
Price: € 50.00

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