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About us

Music has always been a companion for human beings during all their life and evolution, even before becoming an art-form.

For this reason it can be considered as one of the first kinds of expression, entertainment and as a source of joy.
Velut Luna intends to take the most original shapes of music directly to those who can appreciate something that is not the typical mainstream sound for low demanding ears.

Are you still reading ?
Well, it means that you are someone looking for top quality music: we are those who can give this to you.

Velut Luna: sound purity in musical research

Since 1995, Velut Luna strives to give music lovers the best artistic and sonic performance in every recording.
The genres in the Velut Luna Catalogue range from classical music to jazz, to very refined cross-over music.
The best italian artists cooperate with Marco Lincetto, Velut Luna owner and sound engineer, to produce some of the best CDs the hi-fi fans will never listen to.
Marco Lincetto uses a 96/24 and DSD recording systems to produce highest quality master suitable for the new high resolution DVD Audio and SACD technology.

The philosophy

Velut Luna feels that any execution of true music, that is to say, music performed live, by actual musicians, on acoustical instruments and in real environments, is unique and unrepeatable.
Any instrument played by two different musicians, or two different instruments played by the same musician, but indifferent environments and at different times will never have an identical sound.
The objective of Velut Luna is to document, with the most suitable means, the event while is taking place, without detracting, if possible, or adding anything of its own.
Our intent is to refuse any form of standardization or homologation of the sound.

The Goals

To pay great attention to all the finest music of 20th and 21th century, without showing any kind of prejudice.
To have a great interest in the music of yesterday always looking for new and exciting projects.
To always be on the lookout for new talented musicians.
To always produce only music, which is recorded in natural settings, without it undergoing any kind of artificial manipulation of the sound.
To always use the most sophisticated digital technology available.
To pay extreme attention to compiling the booklets, which are a source of great information, and its graphics are of the highest quality.